To Develop PUBLICS's Institutions.

  • Motivate people to initiate their own groups so that they can identify and solve their problems independently.

Provide Financial Assistances.

  • To take the initiative to help people solve any financial problems through loans, micro-credit and other financial support schemes.

Stake holders involvement in planning.

  • To take account of the different stakeholder opinions when planning a project. (People, CANDLE, donors, government, etc)

Non Discrimination of gender

  • Initiate different activities to overcome gender discrimination both in the organization and in the field.

Health and Education.

  • To take a step in enhancing people's knowledge of diseases and moral education. In addition, to enhance the existing methods taken to successfully prevent and cure diseases.

Skill Training.

  • Provide skill and vocational training to improve the capacity of the poor people and jobless youths.

Network/Partnership .

  • To participate in other forums as well as develop our own forums to enhance our capacity and getting involved with other NGOs.

Advocacy on various issues.

  • To attempt to illuminate the problems faced by the people to their local authorities and to ensure they receive their rights.

Human rights, environment and culture.

  • By raising awareness and providing training programs, CANDLE will focus on campaigning for human rights and ecological balancing as well as protecting cultural traditions.

Environment , agriculture and forestry.

  • Initiate programs which attempt to promote ecological balance and maintain good- health.