I G W Capacity Building & Empowerment

I G W Capacity Building & Empowerment

I G W Capacity Building & Empowerment

Capacity Building of Stake Holders: The CANDLE society teamed up with innovative and dynamic persons, blessed with multifaceted experiences in the field of institution building, program management, advance planning process, administrative and financial rules and regulations, management of micro-finance, portfolio management, skill development for communication and reorientation of various government schemes and programs and with their expertise they are able to educate the masses and hence make them financially independent.

Participatory Planning Process: The CANDLE society has emphasized on Participatory planning process in order to have information on physical, Financial, social, human and natural capital. The main idea behind this is to help the rural community by keeping in view the prioritization of the peoples need by implementing various schemes which ultimately results in sustainable livelihood promotion.

Micro Finance: Another dimension added by the Society is to extend micro finance facility to the rural masses through its SHG Federation involved in manufacturing spread in 10 blocks, The Society provides techno-managerial support to the Federations, in order to manage the Micro Finance Activities.

Livelihood Promotion: The CANDLE society support of the landless SHG members the Organization has promoted the expansion of leased land holdings. In the coming year the society is planning to interact with farmers with Agro-Scientist for better yield and cropping pattern.

Development of Information, Education Communication Material: For the enhanced development of its SHG Federations, the CANDLE society has developed A range of Information Education Communication (IEC) materials to educate them on women rights, role and responsibility of PRI, make them aware of different government schemes proposed like Aam Admi Bima Yojna, janani Yojna, Old Age Pension, Laxmibai S Yojna, NAREGA, etc. Leaflets, pamphlets and posters have been distributed among the rural masses in order to educate them on various social evils prevalent in the society.

Entrepreneurship Development: The CANDLE society strongly believes in making rural masses financially independent and to make this a reality the Society provides all kind of technical and market support to local budding entrepreneurs. The Organization is actively engaged in organizing all sorts of training programs on Micro enterprise development for the rural population, for instance, training in candle and agarbati (incense stick), Pickel Making,Bakery Production etc.

Computer Centre: The CANDLE Society has been able to provide Computer training to women and child in association with Maple International Institute of Teachers raining in Gurgaon This program has been introduced to provide capacity building services to the oppressed section of the society and most outstandingly provide them vocational education so that they are capable of earning their bread and butter. The Society has facilitated and technically guided in formulation of project proposal and provide information regarding course content, training module and other managerial inputs. There are at present two courses offered and DTP of four and six months respectively.

Health Nutrition and Sanitation: The Organization also eyes on the welfare of adolescent girls by educating them of health, hygiene, nutrition and sanitation, targeting the development of new generation by imparting diverse training programs like KSY and BEP, Supported by ICDS and Other government bodies. Till date more than 25,000 Adolescent girls of nearly 21 districts have been well-informed and trained about the health and hygiene, behavior Change communication, use of sanitary napkins, safe motherhood, caring and rearing child practices.