Bharat Mahila Microfinance

Bharat Mahila Microfinance

Bharat Mahila Microfinance

The SHG members will be engaged in the production centre for production, Marketing and creating awareness on health and Hygiene. The major non economic achievement from this project in a very short span will be the drastic change in the socio economic status of our women. Their personality will be b changed drastically. Those women who never came out from their house now will in the groups and they will come to the Federation Level. After coming to the production Centre they will become the trainer and providing training to the rural girl student and staying out from their home for 3 to 4 months. There is great increase in the confidence of the women as well as they will earn their livelihood.

This project will make SHG women financial independent due to which the decision making increased in the family matters in a big way. In the initial period of the project they will be in training period and struggling to establish the product they have to hear comments from the family members and neighoubour hood but now same people has grown respect for these women. Further other women will be interested to join them and want to become independent entrepreneurs. Further the Women will be so confident that they are searching for alternative opportunity to maximize the income of himself and his male family member.

There is huge marketing potential for the low cost sanitary napkins. Over 95 per cent of the women in rural areas are still unaware about the hygiene practices to be observed during their monthly periods. Besides, they have little or no knowledge about the use of sanitary napkins. As they realize its importance, there will be an increase in sales. As the sanitary napkins produced at the centre are of low cost compared to branded products, they are gaining acceptance in the price sensitive rural market.

Keeping in view the low level penetration of the product in rural areas and high cost of the branded products, the locally made product is expected to find acceptability. There is a need for intensive door-to-door marketing through SHG members. The government runs health projects may be a good source of consumption of these pads. They can even be supplied t the government run Primary Health Centers and Government and Private Hospitals.

Direct marketing through the SHG members is the key strategy for the marketing of the napkin. It is planned to train one member form every SHG group as Health Volunteer. The Health Volunteer will be trained in the mechanism of awareness generation and promoting the use of napkins as well as other health products. These members will visit the women of their area and make them aware about the different reproductive tract diseases which are caused due to unhygienic practices. At the same time, these women will market the product and get commission and resource fee in return. These members are provided regular training at the production centre. They are given output based assignment and feedback is taken from them. This strategy is going to create a cadre of health volunteer who will be further provided intensive training for value added service which will help the group to sustain. This will also create demand for sanitary napkins in the local market.

The production centre will change the life of the SHG women in more ways than one. Initially the women started coming to the meeting, they used to cover their face with cloth. They even found it difficult to talk to the male members. But now they have become very confident. There is also a realization that they are doing a work which is going to have a huge impact on the lives of the helpless rural women.

Relishing the seriousness of the issue related to Health and Hygiene and Menstrual Hygiene the CANDLE Sahkari Samiti with the Support of the funding agencies will provide training on Health and Hygiene and use of Sanitary Napkin to thousand of BALIKA under VEDICA BALIKA Shakti Yojana.