Our Value

Our Value

People's Capacity and Dignity.

  • The belief that people have the potential to improve their lives.
  • To encourage people's own initiatives.
  • To encourage people's creativity and opinions and to respect their opinions.

Creativity and Innovation.

  • Staff should have an open attitude to take on new challenges and creative works.
  • To build and tolarate an environment where new ideas can come into place.
  • To possess a risk-taking mentality to encourage innovation.
  • To take responsibility for one's own duties and help and respect others to do their duties.
  • To recognize and distinguish all ceditabnle work.

Cost Saving

  • To decease the inefficient use of electricity, gas, computer usage, stationary, telephone, water etc.
  • To efficiently consume and take care of equipment and materials.
  • To follow the expenditure budget.
  • To keep cash in bank instead of in hand. Idle money should be inv.

Honesty and Integrity.

  • To abide and respect the rules and regulation procedures of CANDLE.
  • To adopt CANDLE's value system.
  • Maintain organization privacy to work in favor of the organizaion.
  • There should be honesty in all financial transactions.
  • Be honest with yourself when implementing any activities.

Culture and Environment Friendly Development.

  • Encouraging friendly behavior with people from all cultures.
  • Promoting Bengali culture and protecting tradional heritage.
  • Serve common food for all religious people.
  • To avoid the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • To discourage deforstation and encourage aforestation.
  • To save the wildlife of the jungles from extinction.
  • To consider the environmental aspect before initiating any project.
  • Avoid small fish (6 inches max) fo future breeding.

Discipline, Participation, Teamwork and Openness.

  • To always arrive to work on time and sign the attendance sheet.
  • The use of official materials should be listed down and kept safely.
  • To express your opinion openly and give the chance for others to speak openly.
  • To participate in workshop and training seminars.
  • To conduct monthly meetings.
  • To keep knowledge and share our views among all CANDLE staff.

Gender Equity

  • Be sensitive of gender matters when designing projects.
  • All staff should respect each othe and the people in the field.
  • To have a balance between the male and female staff.
  • To practice the gender policy of the organization.
  • To consider wonen's special needs during their special time.

Accountability and Transparency

  • To prepare a monthly, quarterly and annual report and submit to the respective persons.
  • To follow the job description properly.
  • To ensure appropriate monitoring supervision and information dissemination to all staff and stakeholders.
  • To make sure that athe material circulated is clelar and concise.
  • To make sure all neccessary information is reached to staff on time and that any information required by the management is also submitted on time.

Justice and Fairness

  • All staff should be treated equally.
  • All staff opinions should be listened to equally.
  • To ensure justice and inquire any allegations neutrally.
  • To establish an appropriate appraisal system
  • To set up a system whereby any staff problems/objections are dealt with.
  • Service rules should be opened to all staff.
  • To ensure a diversity to staff from all religions and cultures.

Striving for Excellence

  • To recruit skilled staff and provide proper training for unskilled staff.
  • Staff should maintain the quality of their work through timely monitoring and Supervision for all projects.
  • Provide feedback and recognize all the good work of the staff.
  • To have the mentality to receive positive opinions and ideas from others.
Our Value