Our Objectives

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Our Objectives
  • To organize the people to participate in social action process for village self-reliance.
  • Strengthening the savings habit in rural women and their control over economic resources.
  • Improving access of women to micro credit
  • To improve the habitat and environment condition of the villages with appropriate strategies.
  • To promote participatory exercises for the conservation, development and sustainable of natural resources.
  • Production of low cost sanitary napkins to be used by poor rural women and adolescent girls.
  • Create awareness among those living Below Poverty Line (BPL) on hygienic practices of using quality sanitary napkins and providing them at an affordable rate.
  • Utilize their time in a productive manner, providing specialized training and a regular source of income to women as handmade napkin is labour intensive.
  • Creating a team of health volunteers for creating awareness and marketing of handmade sanitary napkins.
  • To promote general health of villagers particularly children and women & lactating mothers.
  • To lend if support for the development of human rights and work for the welfare of the child labourers.
Our Objectives